Posted on Sep 29, 2012

LinkedIn's NEW look1.     The NEW Profile format is cleaner.

LinkedIn recently “improved” its Profile format. If you’re active on LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed that your updated Profile looks simpler, cleaner and less cluttered.

This “less is more” approach makes it easier for viewers to quickly pick out the most important, relevant information from your profile. Case in point: your work experience.

LinkedIn has eliminated your web urls, blog URLs, twitter feed link (LinkedIn has eliminated it’s partnership with Twitter), Status Update, and the number of recommendations you have from the top gray (header) box of your LinkedIn Profile. This presentation is cleaner and emphasizes your picture, Headline, and Current and Previous jobs more, but “every rose has its thorn.”

the NEW LinkedIn Profile

Unfortunately, in this case, the thorn is the less bold, less beautiful “Contact info” button. I am not a fan of this grey unobtrusive little button. I would like it to be bolder, and while its existence does simplify your LinkedIn Profile, I don’t like how the total number of recommendations you have has been eliminated from your Profile altogether.

As a service provider, I want to build credibility with people right away, and showing people how many recommendations I have is a great start.

And with the old LinkedIn format, people who visited my Profile were immediately exposed to my website URLs and Twitter feed link and were therefore more likely to click through to them – which is a big goal for anyone who is a service provider. For me, it was a great way to generate website traffic and boost my unique monthly visitors. With this new format, viewers must first click on the “Contact info” button before they can actually see my web address. Unfortunately for me, people are less likely to take this extra step, if they even notice the button at all.

Contact info button

With that said, I do like that the Contact Information has been added to the top and that they have kept your contact information at the bottom as well (since this is where people are used to looking for it).

Still, I wish it wasn’t hidden by a button (which no one may ever click).

2. It’s less cluttered.

Your old LinkedIn profile was laden with a lengthy Specialties section. This section has been eliminated and replaced with the Skills Section (which is lower down in your Profile and more streamlined for the LinkedIn Search Algorithm [the formula by which LinkedIn returns “People” search results]).  And since the Skills Section is below your Experience section, it is easier for your Profile reviewers (Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and potential Business Partners) to find what they’re really searching for: where you’ve worked, what positions you’ve held, and when.

NOTE:  LinkedIn seems to be slowly phasing the Specialties section out, so you may have one still, but ultimately it will be eliminated.

3. The NEW Profile format has more buttons.

Like most of us, LinkedIn has sprung for a few new accessories this fall. The new Profile boasts some shiny new buttons, some of which are better than others:

When viewing your Connections’ Profiles, you’ll see a big, blue “Send a message” button. When you hover over the arrow, you’ll see a dropdown menu that lists all of the ways you can engage with that particular Connection (Suggest a profile update, Recommend them, Endorse their skills & expertise, and find their references). I’m a huge fan of this feature. Never has it been so easy to interact with your Connections!

In addition, this button gives you ways to “use” their Profile.  You can share their profile with another colleague, export it to a PDF so that you can review it later or forward it, save it to a file for later review, or Flag it.  These features are especially useful for Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and professionals who are looking for vendors.

New LinkedIn Engage button

4.  Editing your Profile is …. easier?

Overall, the process to edit your LinkedIn Profile is simpler. Does this mean it’s easier? Not necessarily. Before you’re able to whip your redecorated LinkedIn Profile into tip-top shape, you need to familiarize yourself with the new editing format. Stay tuned: in my next few blog posts, I’ll walk you though the remodeled editing process.


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