Posted on Feb 7, 2013

Today’s blog is a guest blog written by my colleague and friend Suzanne Muusers, Financial Advisor Coach:

LinkedIn® is a great tool for entrepreneurial financial advisors to gain more exposure and grow their firms by attracting new prospects and clients who are looking for their services.  Yet most advisors do not leverage their LinkedIn account nor do they take advantage of opportunities available to them on this powerful online Networking site.

LinkedIn is a component of Inbound Marketing: making yourself easy to find online by participating in social media, writing articles and blog posts, sharing content, voicing opinions, and driving traffic to your custom website where you entice visitors to take action to hire you.

LinkedIn demographics reveal that it is a medium frequented by the affluent. Thirty eight percent of members earn over $100,000 annually in household income.  Forty eight percent are college graduates and 27% have post graduate degrees.

Prospective clients will search for you on the internet to learn more about you. Since LinkedIn is ranked high in the search engines, your LinkedIn Profile will likely be displayed at the top of the search results. If your Profile is not well written you will miss an opportunity to market your services.

This article discusses five ways advisors can use the power of LinkedIn to market their services.

1.     Your professional Headline

Your Headline or tagline should speak to what you do and those you help. A standard Headline such as “Vice President at XYZ Firm” will not do much to add credibility to your Profile. A more marketable Headline might be “Comprehensive Wealth Manager for Families and Professionals” or “Wealth Management Advisor for Affluent Business Owners.” Think about who you serve best and tell others what you offer via your Headline so that you stand out from other advisors who are generalists.

2.     Maximize your Profile

Advisors don’t realize that there are many Profile sections that can add distinction and credibility to their value proposition.  For example, I find that many advisors leave their “Summary” section blank. This section is a great opportunity to share your elevator speech. Using the first, person describe who you are and who you work with. Explain the financial or wealth management areas where you specialize.

You know the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Use your Profile to show how you are different from the competition. This will help you market your services to people who are searching for your services, by more effectively showcasing your abilities.

3.     Make Connections

Your ability to market your firm increases exponentially with the number of Connections in your Network. Think about the people you know and send them “Link Requests”.

  • Who are your referral partners?
  • Who are your business acquaintances?

Connect with people you have done business with, people you have worked with, and people you know from professional organizations and non profits that you are involved in.

4.     Join Groups

LinkedIn has an abundance of Groups organized around specialized topics.

Which groups hold your ideal clients as members?

Under the “Groups” tab, search for Groups related to your target clients. For example, if you work well with successful women, search for Groups with “women” in the name. You will find “Professional Women’s Network,” “Women in Photography” and many more.

Join a few Groups and find ways to add value to the discussions occurring in these Groups. After observing for a time, start your own discussions. Check the rules to see if you can share your own custom content in the Group.

5.     Create Updates

On your LinkedIn homepage you will find your Connections’ Status Updates. You will see their new Connections, updates they have liked, and their blog posts or articles they are sharing. Leverage exposure by creating your own updates. Share your own custom content and information you think will be valuable to your Connections.

Share your ideas and add links to your website to drive traffic to your website. When a visitor visits your website, provide a mechanism to encourage them to opt in to your distribution list or download your brochure.


LinkedIn is a valuable tool available for you in your Inbound Marketing toolbox. Advisors who stick with old school ways of Outbound Marketing are learning that it’s much better to utilize newer methods of marketing their services to drive prospects right to their front door. Get current today and leverage the power of LinkedIn for your advisory practice.


Be sure to check with your compliance department regarding the guidelines for using LinkedIn and other social media. Many advisors in the broker dealer world are now able to take advantage of LinkedIn but each b/d has rules that differ. Advisors in the RIA space have more freedom, yet all advisors should be aware that accepting recommendations or endorsements may be against SEC rules. In addition, advisors should investigate how to archive their activity to be on the safe side.

About the Author:

Suzanne Muusers is a Financial Advisor Coach, Business Strategist, and entrepreneur with twenty five years experience marketing successful firms. She works with financial advisors who want to grow, expand, or re-brand their firms and stand out from the crowd. She is also the creator of the Two Page Mini Business Plan for Financial Advisors.

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  1. Actually linkedin is professional site and i also think that its a beneficial from business aspects if the data which is share in linkedin is true!!!

  2. Tariqul says:

    Very informative tips to market own or clients firms on LinkedIn. This tips definitely help both advisors and business man. I think customization on profile and make relationship with others is the main key of marketing on LinkedIn. Thanks for your great share.

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