Posted on Aug 8, 2011

Social Media Business Networking is about making new connections with people who can support your business, but sometimes the software rules get in the way.

Ever wanted to Send a LinkedIn™ “Link Request” to a potential business partner on LinkedIn, but you don’t have any connection to them that would allow you access (you’re not in a LinkedIn Group with them, you haven’t worked with them, and you didn’t go to school with them)? In this case, LinkedIn asks you for their e-mail address, but you don’t have it.

It can be frustrating, but don’t let this tiny glitch stop you from building an important business relationship through LinkedIn. Here are five ways to find their E-mail address so you can send the Link Request:

  1. Find it in their LinkedIn Profile.People often include their e-mail address in their LinkedIn Profile because they want potential business partners to contact them. The most likely place their e-mail would is in their Personal Information section (which is below Groups and Honors & Awards towards the bottom of their LinkedIn Profile).  But it could also be in their LinkedIn Tagline, at the bottom of the Summary, or in their first job entry.LinkedIn Profile
  2. Find it on their Website. If they have a Website link, click on it. They probably list their E-mail address on their website.
  3. Find it on their Blog. If they have a blog link, try visiting their blog.
  4. Google Them. Sometimes a person’s e-mail address is listed in a Directory they’ve joined or on a website they haven’t linked to their profile.
  5. Call Them.  If their phone number was in any of the places you looked, call them and ask them for their E-mail address.  Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best!!!!  And you are trying to build a relationship after all!

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