Posted on Jan 24, 2013

The flu isn’t the only thing going around this winter. As LinkedIn Endorsements grow more and more popular, so is a little symptom I like to call, “Endorsement Envy.” Endorsement Envy is an ailment that occurs when you become jealous of a Connection’s number of LinkedIn Endorsements. Side effects may include feelings of wistfulness, a jealous gleam of the eye (particularly when viewing a Connection’s Profile), and a general feeling of hopelessness in regards to your own LinkedIn Profile. The good news is, Endorsement Envy is completely curable! The treatment? Increase your Endorsements! Here’s how:

  1. Move your Endorsements section to the top of your Profile so that it’s easier to access for those who want to Endorse you.
  2. Use LinkedIn to Connect with more people who know what your skills are.  Send Link Requests to:
    • People you are currently working with
    • People you worked with in the past (don’t be afraid to go back to really old jobs – I just got an Recommendation from someone I worked with 10 years ago)
    • People who are in the Volunteer organizations you belong to
    • Teachers and Trainers you’ve taken classes from
  1. Add more Skills to your Skills section.
  2. Ask someone you’re working with on a project to Endorse you.
  3. Ask your boss to Endorse you.
  4. Email a Colleague or Client to ask them to Endorse you for a specific Skill or Skills.
  5. Go to a Colleague’s LinkedIn Profile and send them a message requesting an Endorsement on a specific Skill(s).

In sum, Endorsement Envy doesn’t have to be a long-term complaint! It just takes a little time, effort and networking to cure it.

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