Posted on Jun 12, 2013


Imagine handing out a copy of your resume to every single person you meet. In theory, it’s a great idea. Potential clients and coworkers would be always aware of your professional accomplishments, volunteer initiatives, work history and education. But no one does this. Why? Because it would be incredibly awkward! Not to mention expensive.

That’s where LinkedIn comes in handy.

LinkedIn is like an interactive resume that reaches hundreds of people who may or may not live thousands of miles away. Not only is it more visually appealing, but it also offers users many platforms to express themselves than a traditional resume.

And with that in mind, here are 8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Powerful Than a Resume:

1. Add a PowerPoint.

Some people are visual learners. Lengthy, text-driven resumes might overwhelm them. Tailor your Profile to suit their needs by using the visual tools on your LinkedIn profile, like PowerPoint. PowerPoints can have images, diagrams and other visuals to demonstrate projects you’ve been working on. Or, supplement your Summary section with a creative PowerPoint. Show people who you are and what you’ve done.

2. Add a video

Like a PowerPoint, videos can visually demonstrate projects and accomplishments.

**To add a PowerPoint or video to your Profile, enter “Edit Profile” mode. Scroll down to your Background section and hove over the icon indicated below:

Add a video or PowerPoint to your LinkedIn Profile

If your video or PowerPoint is saved as a file, click “Upload File.”

3. Include multiple recommendations.

In most cases, your recommendations exist separately from your resume. LinkedIn allows you to keep them all in one place so that people can easily see who you are, what you’ve done, and who would vet you. Make sure you take advantage of this section – don’t forget to add recommendations!

4. Elaborate

Resumes don’t offer much room for explanation. Use the space in your LinkedIn profile to elaborate on your experience, accomplishments and goals. Go in depth.

5. Use Your Summary Section

A resume doesn’t have space for a Summary section, but LinkedIn does. Use it. It allows you to talk about your passions or tell a story. What’s your mission? What makes you special? Don’t be afraid to get creative with this (just make sure you write it in first person)!

6. Join Groups

The LinkedIn Groups you’ve joined and the companies you follow tell people more about you. That’s not something you can include on a resume.

7. Include class work, projects in your Education section.

This is a great idea for recent grads with little professional experience. Beef up your Education section with relevant classes, coursework and projects. If you don’t have much professional experience, these can put you on the map.

8. Add a Headline

If someone merely glances over your Profile, your Headline will be his or her takeaway. In other words, it’s important! If you’re a job seeker, lay it out there – what are you looking for? What can you bring to the table? If you’re a service provider, why should someone hire you? Below is an example of my Headline:

LinkedIn Headline - GetLinkedInNow!


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  1. Lucy Patrick says:

    You are so right about not only the importance of groups on linked in but also being able to look further into a persons’ interests by reviewing the groups they belong to.

    • DSchilder says:

      Yes, one of the most important ways to increase the impact of LinkedIn on your career is to join LinkedIn Groups!

  2. Shalin says:

    Adding a picture to a resume doesn’t work well sometimes. There is a belief saying adding a picture can be harmful for your resume. In that case, what can we do with linkedIn?

    • Alastair says:

      Shalin, if you have linkedin without a photo you will raise some suspicions. Everyone concurs that it is not good practice to have a photo on a resume, but to not have one on Li is just weird.

      Groups and a good, creative summary are important.

      • DSchilder says:

        Alastair, I agree. A LinkedIn Profile without a picture is just eery. And, unprofessional. You must have a LinkedIn Profile picture to attract recruiters, hiring managers, customers, and/or business partners.

        • Shalin says:

          I was talking about adding pictures to paper resumes . of course linkedin should have a picture. Some employees doesn’t approve of adding a picture to your resume. I have experienced that. Cheers!

          • DSchilder says:

            I think adding a picture to your resume works better in some industries than others. If it’s a very conservative industry, say Aerospace or Insurance, I think a picture might be viewed as a negative. But in creative industries, say graphic design, fashion, or television, I think it would be a plus.

  3. I remember that my current company hired me as an intern after my boss was impressed by my LinkedIn profile. It’s a really good tool for professional exposure!

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