Posted on Feb 20, 2012

(Part 4 of LinkedIn Groups: Untapped Goldmines of Opportunity” series)

Evaluating LinkedIn GroupsIf you’re following along, the Quest for the Gold Nugget of LinkedIn Groups has begun! But beware — the path to Eldorado is littered with Fool’s Gold. With all the LinkedIn Groups out there, how do you know which Groups are worth joining?

Below, I show you how to evaluate a LinkedIn Group, and thus avoid the Fool’s Gold:

1. Look at the number of Group Members. Are there 2,000 members? Or a measly 5? If the number of members isn’t large enough, I won’t join. The caveat is, if there are people in the Group with whom I want to interact (members of my target market or people I know).

2. Look at the Group Members’ Profile Pictures. I also usually check to see if the Group members have respectable Profile Pictures. Nothing says “creepy” like a group filled with blank profile pictures!) Avoiding the Fool's Gold of LinkedIn Groups

3. Look at how active the Group is. Do the Group members contribute meaningful, content-based information, or are the discussions mostly sales-driven? Are one or two people dominating the conversation, or is it truly a “group” effort? The more active the Group, the more likely I am to join and if the Group is too salesy, I will take a pass.

4. Look at the quality of posts. Are the Group members articulate? Are they posting information that would be valuable to me?

5. Determine if you would want to participate in the Group. I ask myself, “is this a Group I would want to post questions to or answer questions for?”

6. Determine if the members of your target market are in the Group.  Review the Profiles of Group members to determine if your target market is well represented in the Group. Don’t just rely on the name of the Group. Sometimes the name and purpose of a Group are not in alignment with what is being written in the Group and who the members are.

So now that you know how to select quality LinkedIn Groups, here’s a challenge: Join a few groups TODAY, and see how it affects your LinkedIn Profile views in the next few weeks. (Trust me, you won’t be sorry!!) You will see that the more Groups you join, the more people will review your LinkedIn Profile.

If you accept my challenge, stay tuned!! In two weeks, I will discuss how to CAPITALIZE on your LinkedIn Group memberships.

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