Posted on Jun 2, 2013

Contact me via LinkedInA few weeks ago, I mentioned the importance of making yourself available on LinkedIn to potential employers or customers. One of those ways to do that is to make sure your contact information is visible.

If your contact info only appears in one place on your LinkedIn Profile, you’re probably missing out on business opportunities because your Linked Profile reviewers have to work to find your contact information. Not every LinkedIn user will look in the same place. Some people will look in your Summary section, others will scroll down to look in the “Advice for Contacting” me box. And others will look in the contact info section (that can only be accessed by clicking on the “contact info” button). And there are probably users who don’t have a clue about where to look for your contact information.

You always want to make it easy for people with potential business opportunities to contact you.  And, if you’re a service provider, like me, you want to cover all of your bases.

So here are a few creative places you can add your contact info and boost your availability:

In your “Contact Info” Box:
I know what you’re thinking, how creative! But believe it or not, I’ve seen plenty of people forget to add their information here. Be sure to include your email, phone number, and website (if you have one). You can also include your Twitter handle, but only if your Tweets are professional!

Contact Info Box

In the “Advice for contacting (Name)” Box:
Although this is at the bottom of your Profile, it’s a good idea to fill it out. In the old Profile format, everyone’s contact information appeared at the very bottom of his or her Profile. There are still some people who are in the habit of checking the bottom of your Profile first:

Picture 22

In Your Summary Section:
Your Summary is an opportunity to pitch yourself. If you do it well, people will want to contact you while reading it! Make sure they can easily do so by including a phone number and/or email address in this section.  And some bold LinkedIn members scatter throughout this section.  Some people would think that this is too ‘salesy’ though.  I put mine in there twice for good measure:

Contact Info in Summary Section

In your Experience Section and Education Section:
I put my contact information in this section because a lot of people search for Coaches who have attended Coach U, which I have, and thus they’re likely to view this part of my Profile and then decide to hire me.  If you have special educational qualifications, I would consider putting my contact information here.

Contact Info in Education Section

In your Tagline:
This is for the bold and not the faint of heart.  Many people would view this as  ‘salsey.’ But it is great LinkedIn real estate, and great advertising!  A word of caution: LinkedIn actually has a rule against putting information that is not the designated type of information for that field, like phone numbers. One person told me, a few years back, that they had heard of a person who was locked out of LinkedIn for doing this, but I know plenty of people who do it and encountered no bad consequences, and I’ve seen a lot of people who work for LinkedIn do this, so I believe it’s really a style choice.



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