Posted on Feb 6, 2012

Determining which LinkedIn Groups to Join

(Part 2 of “LinkedIn Groups: Untapped Goldmines of Opportunity” Series)

So now that you’re on the LinkedIn Groups bandwagon (yes, we have a bandwagon!), how do you know which groups to join?  Below are types of LinkedIn Groups you will want to consider joining:

(In the next blog post I will show you how to search for Groups to join. Remember you can join up to 50 Groups, and the more Groups you join, the more people will review your LinkedIn Profile!)


1. Look at your Connections’ LinkedIn Groups.

Join Groups that people you know have joined. In fact, if you’re perusing your Connections’ Profiles for quality Groups and happen stumble upon one that tickles your fancy, you can actually click “join” right off of their LinkedIn Profile!

Joining Connections' LinkedIn Groups


2. Look for LinkedIn Groups your customers or a potential hiring manager would join.

If you’re looking to build your client database or boost your sales (because who isn’t??) consider joining LinkedIn Groups that members of your target audience belong to.


3. Join Job Search Groups.

There are LinkedIn Groups specifically for people who are searching for a new job! LinkedIn Groups for Job SearchThe “Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections” is a reputable example and it has many subgroups for specific types of jobs. Recruiters look at the Job Search groups to find suitable candidates for their job openings.


4. Join Groups associated with your in-person networking Groups.

Many networking and professional groups have LinkedIn Groups so that their members can interact and connect on LinkedIn. For example, the American Association of Training & Development (ASTD), the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA), and many Business Networking International (BNI) groups  have LinkedIn Groups.


5. Look for Alumni Groups.

Most colleges and universities have LinkedIn Groups for current students and/or alumni.


6. Look for Company LinkedIn Groups.

Many large companies have LinkedIn Groups. In the case of Raytheon, there is a Raytheon Alumni Group, Raytheon Diversity Group, Raytheon Veterans Group, and a Working at Raytheon Group.


7. Search for Groups associated with your interests.

Use your super-sleuth keyword skills to find LinkedIn Groups that discuss topics you are interested in or are seeking to learn more about.

If you still need more help navigating Group Membership on LinkedIn, consider purchasing the “6 Weeks to More Success with LinkedIn” Video E-Course. I will take you through how to join and leave LinkedIn Groups and show you how to manage or eliminate the barrage of e-mail that can come from LinkedIn Groups.

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