Posted on Feb 15, 2013

LinkedIn Endorsements


As you’ve probably noticed by now, lots of people are jumping on the Endorsement bandwagon. In my opinion, that’s a good thing – it increases your credibility!

However, there’s also a chance that – due to this Endorsement craze – you have Connections coming out of the woodwork to Endorse you. You know the Connections I’m talking about – the people you went to elementary school with who are Endorsing you for Skills you couldn’t have possibly possessed (or spelled, for that matter) at age 8. Or how about that colleague who never said a word to you in the break room, but who is now Endorsing you for Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking and Leadership?  Or, the mysterious stranger Endorsements:  people you don’t know who Endorse you.

If this is happening to you, you might want to consider removing an Endorsement. One reason to do so would be if you don’t really know your Endorser. What if they’re untrustworthy? Unprofessional? Or disrespected in the workplace? Do you really want to be associated with them if it could harm your personal brand?

Also, you might want to remove an Endorsement if it conflicts with your Endorsement “showcase.” Your LinkedIn Profile only shows 8-12 Endorsements at a time. Consider this your “showcase” (as indicated below by the red box). Obviously, you want your most important, credible Endorsements to fall within this range so that they’re visible.

LinkedIn Endorsements

For example, what if the CEO of your company Endorses you, but then your third grade math teacher swoops in and bumps his or her Endorsement down the line and out of sight? In this case, I would delete my third grade math teacher’s Endorsement (sorry, Ms. Jenkins!) so that my CEO’s Endorsement was back in the first, visible 8-12.

Have any of you had to delete an Endorsement? Or wanted to delete one? Share below! In my next post, I will explain how to delete an Endorsement.

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