Posted on Aug 13, 2012

Missing LinkedIn Specialties Section

Did you suddenly notice that your Specialties Section is missing from your LinkedIn Profile?  If you’re thinking, but I swear I remember filling out my Specialties Section, you’re not mistaken. Although there has been no official statement, it seems that LinkedIn has decided to phase out the Specialties Section in favor of the previously-in-beta-test Skills & Expertise Section.

At this point, some people have a Specialties Section and some people don’t. So what I advise is, if you still have a Specialties, optimize it for “People” searches. Either way, if you have one or not, put as many applicable Skills (up to 50) under your Skills & Expertise Section so that you remain Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for “People” searches in LinkedIn.

If you haven’t completed the Skills & Expertise portion of your LinkedIn profile, now is the time to do so.

From time to time, LinkedIn pulls keywords from other sections of your LinkedIn Profile and asks if you’d like to add them to your Skills & Expertise Section. Not only is this process incredibly simple and easy-to-use, but it also serves as a recurring reminder for us to update our Profiles. On your LinkedIn Profile, the Skills & Expertise section looks like this:

Skills and ExpertiseIf you don’t have a Skills & Expertise Section yet, or you need to edit it click “Edit Profile” from the top drop-down menu bar:

Drop-down menu bar

Below the main information gray box, click on Add Sections:

Add Sections

Then select Skills & Expertise Section from the left hand side of menu that appears:
(Note: “Skills & Expertise Section” does not appear here because I already have one)

Add Specialties Section

And click on Add to Profile. Once you have added the Section or if you already have one, scroll down to where the Skills & Expertise section appears on your profile and click “Edit”:

Edit Skill & Expertise section

This will bring you to the editing page. When you start to type in a keyword, such as “Coaching”, LinkedIn will automatically populate a dropdown menu of related words to choose from:

Add a SkillSimply select the desired skill and click “Add”. Add as many skills as you feel would make you more searchable to your desired audience. Remember, targeted keywords are everything when it comes to being found on LinkedIn!

To finish, click “Save Changes” and your Profile is updated with your new Skills & Expertise keywords, just like that!

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