Posted on Oct 27, 2012

LI Profile ViewsAnother thing I love about the LinkedIn Profile Makeover (9/12, not to be confused with the new Makeover rolling out slowly starting 10/12) is the updated notification system. LinkedIn users are now notified when people view their Profile:

LinkedIn NotificationsI love this feature because more often than not, people forget to check who’s been looking at their LinkedIn Profile, which is a big business building or Job Search oversight.

Here’s why:

The people who view your Profile are looking for something – a new Connection, a client, an employee, or a service provider. And even if they don’t contact you, you can be the one to fulfill their need.  But only if you take a proactive approach and reach out to these people.

For example, if you’re looking for a job, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with a hiring manager or recruiter who is looking for an employee in your field.

This is new territory for everyone, so be cautious, but if someone looks as if they are looking to hire someone with your qualifications, and they look at your profile, you might want to try contacting them and asking them to connect to you at the very least.  And, if you want to be bold, you can ask them for a phone conversation to discuss your qualifications as well. This will show them you’re interested, invested, bold, and proactive – four important qualities of job candidates.

If you’re a small businessperson and you see that a that someone who has viewed your Profile is a potential new client, contact them and ask, “How can I help you?” or “What drew you to view my profile?” Tell them that you’re happy to see that they’ve viewed your Profile, and that you’d like to discuss the services you have to offer. As I mentioned earlier, people who view your Profile are usually in search of something – you just need to figure out what it is, and how you can turn it into an opportunity.

If nothing else, keeping tabs on who’s looking at your Profile will give you feedback as to who your Profile is attracting, and this can inform you on how you might want to modify profile or that your profile is working well.

For example, if your amount of Profile viewers starts to go down, you might want to boost your activity on LinkedIn.

Or, if you are not attracting people who are high enough to hire you, you might want to examine your keywords to see if they need to be modified.

A final note on tracking your LinkedIn Profile views:  while reaching out to people can be a powerful Job Search or Business-Building technique, keep in mind that someone being able to see who has viewed their profile is a new concept to many people. So some people may be taken aback by being contacted.

Go slowly; for example, ask them to connect before you let them know that you know that they looked at your profile.  Then gently bring up the subject:  “I noticed that you reviewed my LinkedIn Profile recently, was there a reason that you searched for someone with my qualifications?”

Remember, any strategy for business-building or job search has its risks.  You will lose a few.  But you will miss opportunities if you don’t take some risks.

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