Posted on Mar 14, 2012

A Recent College Grad Recounts LinkedIn SuccessHi, my name is Joanna. As a recent college grad, I’ve been job searching since last May. What a reality check these past few months have been! (I’ve also moved back in with my parents, which doesn’t do much to help my situation.) LinkedIn has become a resource I never knew I had – I’ve used it to hunt down hiring managers and human resource departments, and I “follow” several companies to stay updated with their job openings. So far, it’s been a great research tool, but after following Donna’s “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-Course, I’ve found it can be used for a lot more than just research. One thing that I recently learned from the e-course was to join LinkedIn Groups that are targeted to my desired career path. Since joining those groups, my LinkedIn Profile views have gone way up and I’ve been contacted from recruiters!

I have to admit, before a few weeks ago, I’d never considered joining LinkedIn Groups. In my mind, I associated them with Facebook groups, which lead to a bombardment of useless emails, creepy “friend requests” and a whole lot of Spam.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been following Donna’s LinkedIn advice – I’ve updated my profile, maintained my networking efforts and searched for recruiters and hiring mangers through LinkedIn. But in terms of garnering Profile Views, the most significant thing I’ve done to date has been following her advice to join LinkedIn Groups.

Before joining Groups, I averaged very few profiles view per week. It was always a little depressing to see, “Your profile has been viewed by 2 people in the last 9 days.” (Come on, you know you’ve been there, too.) Since joining a few Groups, I’ve recorded the increase in my profile views. Take a look below:

Before joining LinkedIn Groups

Before joining LinkedIn Groups

After joining a few LinkedIn Groups

After joining 6 few LinkedIn Groups

Profile Views after joining 12 LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups and Profile Views

A summary of my LinkedIn Profile views over time

So, the moral of the story is, don’t overlook LinkedIn Groups – join them!  Recruiters and hiring managers look in groups for people to hire. And if you’re like me, a recent college grad searching for a job (and a non-parental landlord), I highly suggest you put yourself out there and expand your network by joining some LinkedIn Groups.


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