Posted on Dec 13, 2012

LinkedIn EndorsementsLinkedIn dubbed November 27 “LinkedIn Endorsement Day.”

And never one to sit-out on a holiday, I decided to wholeheartedly support the cause. After about 2 hours of tireless Endorsing, I realized that I was merely halfway through my large list of Connections. And I was in desperate need of a snack-break.

Thus, my eyes weary and heart heavy from “selective” Endorsing, I stood up from my chair and proudly proclaimed the holiday, “LinkedIn Endorsement Week.

Most of you are familiar with the Endorsements box that comes up automatically above your LinkedIn Profile or that of your colleagues when you do a People search, which I described in a previous blog.

But there is another, more selective, proactive, and complete way to Endorse your colleagues on LinkedIn. A way that ensures that every deserving Connection gets an Endorsement. The process entails reviewing every Connection in your LinkedIn Network so that you don’t miss anyone, and it also entails reviewing all of their skills, so that you don’t miss Endorsing any of the skills they possess.

I describe this process below:

1. Go to your Connections list. Hover over “Contacts” on the top menu bar and select “Connections” from the drop-down menu:

LinkedIn Connections


2.  Select the first person you want to Endorse.

3.  Click on the person once to view more of their info (as in the screenshot below, indicated by the green arrow).

4.  Click on their hyperlinked name (as indicated by the red arrow) to get to their Profile.

Select a Connection

5.  Once you’re on their Profile, page down to their Skills Section (this will not be in the same place for everyone now that LinkedIn has added a function that allows you to move sections of your profile to different positions).

6.  Review their list of skills. Endorse them for the skills you have direct knowledge of and would recommend them for by hovering over the skill; it will turn into a blue button that says, “Endorse” (as shown in the image below).

Skills & Expertise

7.  Then click on the skill(s) you want to Endorse and that’s it!

Some people may have 5 skills you want to Endorse them for, some might have 15, and some might have–gasp–NONE! (Which I will address in my next blog post).

Before jumping in and Endorsing every skill a colleague lists, take a moment to think: “Do I have firsthand experience of this person’s skill?” There are many ways you can have firsthand knowledge of someone’s skills. You can have it by:

  • Working with them directly
  • Volunteering with them
  • Networking with them
  • Reading an article or blog they wrote
  • Watching them speak publicly
  • Hiring them to do a service

Just make sure you only Endorse people for skills for which you have firsthand knowledge of and for skills for which they deserve to be Endorsed. That way, we’ll maintain the integrity and meaningfulness of LinkedIn Endorsements.

And above all else, take the time to Endorse all the deserving people in your LinkedIn for all the skills you feel are worthy of Endorsing.

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