Posted on Jan 31, 2012

LinkedIn Groups are Goldmines of OpportunityYou’ve updated your LinkedIn Profile, thoughtfully expanded your network, and maybe you’ve even fired your cat as your personal photographer. While all of these are all excellent (and necessary) components of maximizing your LinkedIn presence, there is still one highly underrated aspect of LinkedIn that people tend to overlook.

So what is the best kept LinkedIn secret? The unsung hero? The Catalyst of LinkedIn Potential: LinkedIn Groups!

I’ve noticed that many of my clients and colleagues tend to disregard LinkedIn Groups. They say they “don’t see the point,” they “don’t know which Groups to join,” or they don’t want to get all those e-mails.

Big mistake, people!!

Being in LinkedIn Groups drives traffic (readers) to your LinkedIn Profile.  And your LinkedIn Profile readers are people who can offer you career opportunities or business:  recruiters, hiring managers, clients, and colleagues.

And, in addition to driving traffic to your LinkedIn Profile, joining LinkedIn Groups is an easy way to:

  1. Build your network
  2. Promote your Personal Brand
  3. Expand your professional knowledge (you can find professional conversations in LinkedIn Groups!)
  4. Get hired!!

1 in 20 of the U.S. members of LinkedIn are recruiters. These recruiters use LinkedIn Groups to find candidates because they can segment their candidate searches based on Group membership (Engineers belong to Engineering Groups, Programmers belong to Programming Groups, etc.).

Also, customers look for services in Groups. I myself have gone to a Camtasia Group to hire a Camtasia consultant, a Graphic Design Group to hire a Graphic Designer, and a Virtual Assistants Group to hire a Virtual Assistant.

And as a Coach and service provider myself, I have been found in Job Search Groups for Career Coaching, Coaching Groups for Coach Mentoring, and in CEO Groups for Executive Coaching.

So get out there a join some LinkedIn Groups!!!!  You can join up to 50 Groups, but don’t worry about getting too much e-mail — this post tells you how to unsubscribe to Group announcements:

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