Posted on Aug 28, 2012

LinkedIn ConnectionsThe old business success adage: “it’s all about who you know,” could lead you to think that the more Connections you have on LinkedIn – the more success you’ll have. But it’s not true for 2 reasons:

1. Just because you’re connected to a lot of people, doesn’t mean you’re connected to the “right people.”

2. Being connected to the “right people” on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that you are staying “top of mind” with them.


Being Connected to the “Right People”:

You can have a 1000 LinkedIn Connections, but if they are all friends and family or if they aren’t in the right field or at the right level to offer you opportunities, connections, or sales, then business opportunities won’t magically spring forth from your LinkedIn account.

To generate career or business opportunities, you need to fill your LinkedIn Network with quality Connections in the “right field(s).” For example, if you’re trying to get a job at an advertising agency, connect with Advertising Executives, Advertising Human Resources leaders, and Advertising Recruiters. Or, at the very least, Advertising professionals. Also, join Advertising LinkedIn Groups and follow Advertising companies to find even more Advertising people to connect with.

Remember, LinkedIn is a business-networking tool. It’s not a social network like Facebook, where you connect with old high school friends.

Staying “Top of Mind”:

Be active and interactive on LinkedIn to stay top of mind to the valuable targeted business connections you’ve created.

Being active on LinkedIn means: posting Status Updates, keeping your Profile current at all times, writing and seeking LinkedIn Recommendations, sending congratulations messages through LinkedIn when members of your network receive promotions or accomplish something, and posting questions and answers in LinkedIn Groups – it means taking action to stay visible to your LinkedIn Network.

Being interactive means going a step further to cultivate these valuable business connections by getting involved in discussions in LinkedIn Groups, setting up phone calls with people you meet on LinkedIn or with existing connections to continue to build the relationship, offering help to people in your network, introducing people that might be able to help each other, inviting people to join LinkedIn Groups, sharing information that might be useful to a specific person – it means building business relationships that give value to others and to you.  That’s when business will come to you, when you truly know and interact with your LinkedIn connections.

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