Posted on Jun 29, 2012

Bad LinkedIn Status Updates

Writing LinkedIn Status updates is a great way to stay top of mind — you can remind your co-workers and clients of your accomplishments, offer useful information, and even drive traffic to your website, online portfolio or blog. But what happens when LinkedIn Status update go wrong? Allow me to show you** a few of the worst LinkedIn status updates I’ve come across.

**Viewer Discretion is Advised –it may not be appropriate for young children to see the Personal Brand mayhem caused by writing LinkedIn Status Updates like they are Tweets.

I am cringing as I write this:

1. “I’m going on vacation.”
This might be the least interesting Status Update I’ve ever seen. Secondly, no one really cares, unless they’re planning to rob your house. Which they might do now that they know you’ll be away!

2. “Beware: for the present path of Mars brings great success, and great risk of unruly facial hair.”
I have actually seen people post their horoscopes! Folks, horoscopes do not count as useful
information to share with your business connections. I mean no disrespect to my High School classmate, the numbers lady, but leave it to Twitter and Facebook — LinkedIn is no place for Horoscopes and numerology.

3. “http://abcd.who_knows_what_this_is/”
Sharing relevant, professional articles is an example of a good Status Update — but simply
posting a link with no explanation as to what it is constitutes an awful Status Update. If you do this, odds are people will think you’re spamming them, that you’ve been hacked, or that you’re just plain lazy. And believe it or not, I see this all the time!!!

4. “Sick and tired of people who don’t cooperate unless something is in it for THEM. Annoyed!”
You’ve seen these rants — especially on Facebook. LinkedIn is no place for cryptic, passive aggressive venting! This is no way to build a personal brand!

5. “Ready for a wild #GirlsNightOut!”
With the ability to sync all of your social media accounts, it might be tempting to send your
Tweets to your LinkedIn feed. Don’t make this mistake! Especially if you’re prone to sending regrettable late-night Tweets. It may be convenient, but it could be deadly for your career or business.

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