Posted on Aug 26, 2012

More Success Through LinkedInRecently, I’ve had a few people ask me what makes my LinkedIn Training program unique. Yes, there are YouTube videos, and yes, there are LinkedIn blogs you can follow. But while these outlets do offer LinkedIn training on various topics, my program offers much more than that:

  1. It’s personal: I love working with people. I’m passionate about it. It’s why I’ve made a career out of Coaching others in leadership, career development, business, and life. And while my “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-course is not in person,  the most frequent comment I get is that I’m real in the videos and that it feels like I really care about my audience. And that’s because I do! I am passionate about helping others succeed, and my videos reflect that enthusiasm. And what users say is that my passion helps them move forward to implement the steps in the videos.
  2. It’s everything you need, all in one place. You can find LinkedIn training videos for free on the Internet, but you will just get bits and pieces. You won’t get a comprehensive program that shows you all the basic information you need to do, or all the important functions on LinkedIn to attract business opportunities.  After you watch my videos, you will be able to build your profile, join Groups, give and get Recommendations, manage link requests, and use the 13 strategies of network building to build your LinkedIn network.And if you watch free videos or purchase another program, you won’t get 6 E-Books as reference guides that you can use any time you want. You won’t get monthly E-newsletters, weekly emails to hold you accountable, or a comprehensive LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for your desk, either.
  1. Business Strategy:  My LinkedIn Videos include Business Strategy. They don’t just show you how to use the LinkedIn software, they show you how to use LinkedIn to build your business network and attract clients and/or job offers (other programs give you one or the other, but not both!).
  2. It’s an E-Course: No other LinkedIn Video Training program is also an E-Course, which means it’s up to you figure out how much to do and when to do it. My course is broken down into a 6-week curriculum of “bite-sized” pieces so you can watch the video(s) and apply the process in an hour or two hour each week. Each week is very doable, and within a mere six weeks, you’ve made a huge impact on your LinkedIn presence and become skilled at using it for business.
  3. The videos are short and concise. All of my videos are between 2 and 10 minutes long. They’re cut into short segments so that you can watch them in one sitting. Some of my competitors have videos that are over an hour long. I’ve found that no one can watch an hour video online and retain and/or apply any of the information. With my quick, efficient, and effective videos, you get a sense of competition and set of action steps that are doable.
  4. It’s affordable. Many of my competitors charge up to $1000 for their programs, and people who have reviewed my competitors say you get more with my program!!!
    My course – which includes the videos, weekly emails, monthly E-newsletters, 6 downloadable E-Books, a Cheat Sheet, and my personal touch – costs just $149 with this great discount to get you started:


(Regular Price:  $198)

Enter Coupon Code:  SUCCESS

To use this discount offer at checkout, type “SUCCESS” in the box to the left of “Apply Coupon Code”, as shown below:

Discount Offer

So if you’re serious about using LinkedIn to build your business, find your dream job, or maintain your business network for a rainy day, then it’s time to Purchase the “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-Course NOW!



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