Posted on Apr 30, 2012

Super Sleuthing: LinkedIn EditionIn previous posts, we’ve discussed harnessing the power of the Sleuthing. I know that “sleuth” is a euphemism for “creep”, but in this case, the sleuthing is done purely for good and not evil. (That being said, the following information is not intended for Facebook-stalkers):

When you write a Cover Letter or Sales Pitch Letter, it’s preferable to address it to a specific hiring manager, Human Resources Director, or decision-maker. But sometimes, even on LinkedIn, it’s difficult to find out what the person’s name is.

There are ways to track down the right contact person, but when you find them, you may only be able to see their last initial.

Consider this scenario:

Pretend you’re applying for a position the Starbucks Corporate Headquarters. You’re preparing your Cover Letter but can’t find the hiring manager or Human Resources Director on the Starbucks website.

You turn to LinkedIn, where you find Starbucks Human Resources Director. But before you do a congratulatory happy dance to TLC’s “Creep”, you realize that only her last initial is listed. Now what?

As frustrating as this is, the solution is simple! Go to Google and type in “John S.+human resources+Starbucks+LinkedIn” (or something like it). Usually, one of the first few hits will be his or her LinkedIn Profile and, fortunately for you, most of the time the person’s full name is displayed!

Now that’s what I call some super sleuthing.



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