Posted on Feb 23, 2012

Sara sends you a “Link Request.”

You don’t know Sara, so you look at her LinkedIn Profile to determine if she is a viable Coaching candidate. You review her occupation, profile details, and connections.

If she looks like a viable Coaching client, you write to her to ask for a “get to know you” phone call. (You don’t accept her “LinkedIn Request” until after the call. And to make it easy for her, you offer some dates and times you are available for the call)

Before the phone call, you review Sara’s LinkedIn Profile and create some questions to ask her that will uncover ways she might benefit from Coaching.

You come to the call with curiosity and with the intent of building a relationship with Sara.

On the call, one of the first questions you ask is: “What attracted you to send me a ‘Link Request’?”

She responds that she is considering hiring a Coach (you will probably get this response about 25% of the time).

You ask her: “What is compelling you to look for a Coach?”

After further conversation, you make an attempt to enroll her in your Coaching practice. Or, if you sense she’s not ready to enroll, you offer her a Sample Coaching session. Always offer specific times and dates to make it easy for the person to schedule it. It is important to lead prospective clients through the process, so they always know what the next step is.

After the Sample Coaching session, you ask if it was helpful. If it she says yes, that it was helpful, you ask if she would like to engage you as her Coach, explain the pricing, and give her three options of dates/times when she can start her Coaching sessions.

For the other 75% of the time, when she doesn’t say she’s looking for a Coach, ask questions to find Sara’s pain point.

Once you find her pain point, offer her a sample Coaching Session to support her in dealing with her pain point.

If she agrees to the sample Coaching session, follow the process above.

If she says she needs to think about it, email her the dates and times and reiterate the invitation for the sample Coaching session.

If you don’t hear from her in a week, follow up with her.

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