Free LinkedIn Tools

Free LinkedIn Tools

Free LinkedIn Tools

Welcome to the Get LinkedIn Now! FREE Tools page.

We are happy to provide these complimentary LinkedIn Tools to help you utilize LinkedIn more effectively.

1. SYMBOLS FOR LINKEDIN. Adding symbols to your LinkedIn Profile can make it easier to read and more attractive. Since LinkedIn does not provide the capability to type symbols directly into your Profile, I have provided symbols you can copy and paste into it.

2. # OF CHARACTERS IN LINKEDIN PROFILE FIELDS. It’s important to know how many characters are available in each LinkedIn Profile field so that you can use your LinkedIn “Real Estate” wisely.

3. LINKEDIN PROFILE PICTURE PIXELS.  This page gives the pixel limts for Profile pictures and LinkedIn Profile background pictures.

4. LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE PICTURE PIXELS.  This page gives the pixel limits for images on LinkedIn Company pages such as for logos and images.

5. LINKEDIN QUESTION OF THE MONTH. I’ve also included answers to a monthly LinkedIn question. These are questions I’ve received during my LinkedIn Teleclasses and from my Career Coaching clients (who are real hands-on LinkedIn users). You may find that you have some of the same question(s).

6. LINKEDIN NEWSLETTER. Our Get LinkedIn Now! Monthly E-Newsletter provides tips & tricks for better utilizing LinkedIn for your job search, career management, or business development efforts.

7. LINKEDIN STATISTICS. Statistics on the number of LinkedIn users and demographic data.

8.  LinkedIn Podcast Interview – How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job:  See below.

9. LINKEDIN RESUME BUILDER.  LinkedIn now offers a new tool to create a resume from your LinkedIn Profile that offers 11 formats.

10. TURNING OFF LINKEDIN NOTIFICATIONS. When making bulk changes to your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to turn off your notifications, so that your connections aren’t inundated with alerts of your profile change.

11. Top Keywords Used by Recruiters on “The Ladders” Website

12. TWEET GRID. A Tweet Grid is a list of recent tweets from a Twitter account. This Grid will give you a glimpse of the tweets from @GetLinkedInNow. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @GetLinkedInNow.

13. “LINKEDIN STORIES” SPUNDGE NOTEBOOK. A Spundge Notebook is a curated (specially selected) collection of articles, blogposts, videos, and tweets on a specific topic. In this case, our Notebook is a collection of stories on LinkedIn that we think would be helpful to LinkedIn users who are working to be more masterful in their use of LinkedIn (Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Salespeople, Business Owners, solo-preneurs, or Professionals Engaged in a Job Search). We cannot possibly write a story about every LinkedIn format change, function change, or specific professional or business application, so our Spundge Notebook will fill in the gap.  It’s our gift to help you along your journey toward LinkedIn mastery.

14. TOP MOST LINKED PEOPLE ON LINKED.  Being linked to the most connected people on Linked can increase your LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Read this article to find a list of the most linked people on LinkedIn and how to connect with them.

15. PODCAST INTERVIEW – GET THE MOST FROM LINKEDIN. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is it up to date? Do you get any benefit from it? If not, on this podcast you will learn how to get the most from LinkedIn to help you network, build your brand, and influence the world.


  1. Symbols to Use for Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Number of Characters for LinkedIn Profile Fields
  3. LinkedIn Profile Picture Pixels
  4. LinkedIn Company Page Picture Pixels
  5. LinkedIn Question of the Month
  6. LinkedIn Newsletter
  7. LinkedIn Statistics
  8. Turning off LinkedIn Notifications
  9. Podcast Interview – From the Catapult Your Career Telesummit with Linda Cattalan
    Donna Schilder, MCC, Executive & Career CoachUsing LinkedIn for Job Search
  10. LinkedIn Resume Builder
  11. Top Keywords Used by Recruiters on “The Ladders” Website
  12. Tweet Grid
  13. “LinkedIn Stories” Spundge Notebook – Curated LinkedIn Content
  14. Top 100 Most Linked People on LinkedIn List
  15. Podcast Interview – Get the Most From LinkedIn


I hope you find these FREE LinkedIn Tools helpful!


Donna Schilder, MCC LinkedIn Expert / Career Coach & Your Host  aboutAuthor