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Need a new Job?

Discover How Other Job Candidates Are
Using LinkedIn to Find the JOB of Their DREAMS!

Learn the Secrets of using LinkedIn to:

  • Attract job offers
  • Connect with Recruiters and Hiring Managers
  • Obtain “Warm” Introductions that lead to job interviews

160 Million LinkedIn Members

  • Access to 17 Videos
  • 6 Downloadable E-books



Segment 1 – LinkedIn Overview

  • LinkedIn 101
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • Who Uses LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Service Levels
  • How to Join LinkedIn

Segment 2 – Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s the meat of harnessing the power of LinkedIn to find the right job.

Part 1

  • Promoting Yourself with A Professional Headline
  • Selecting An Appealing Headshot
  • How to Add Your Websites
  • The Secret to Attractive LinkedIn URLs
  • Choosing to have a Public or Private Profile

Part 2

  • Adding Your Professional Inforamtion
  • Attracting the “Right” Reviewers With Clever Keywords

Part 3

  • Selling Yourself with an Effective Summary

Part 4

  • What to Include in Your Education Section
  • Adding Your Additional Information & Personal Information
  • Selecting the Right Contact Settings
  • Grabbing Attention with Your Status Updates

Segment 3 – Building a Valuable Network

Learn about the 13 Ways to Build Your LinkedIn Network which will help you reach out to and be found by potential employers.

Part 1

  • 6 Degrees of Separation, How Kevin Bacon Connects to LinkedIn
  • Determining Your Purpose for Using LinkedIn

Part 2

  • Your LinkedIn Connection Philosophy
  • Understanding LinkedIn Connection Tiers

Part 3

  • How to Upload Your Connections
  • 13 Ways to Build Your Network
  • Inmail – Do I Need It?

Part 4

  • How to Send a “Link Request”
  • “Link Request” Examples
  • How to Respond to a “Link Request”
  • Asking for LinkedIn Introductions
  • Introduction Request Examples

Part 5

  • How to get Warm Introductions to Hiring Managers
  • Handling LinkedIn Connection Requests
  • Deciding Whether to Show or Hide Your Connections

Segment 4 – Getting & Giving Recommendations

Recruiters and hiring managers are checking your Recommendations on LinkedIn. Don’t get caught with no Recommendations!

Part 1

  • How to Request LinkedIn Recommendations
  • Giving Guidance to the People who Right Your Recommendations
  • Recommendation Examples
  • Managing Your LinkedIn Recommendations

Part 2

  • Giving Recommendations to Build Your LinkedIn Presence
  • How to Respond to Recommendation Requests
  • Ignoring Recommendation Requests

Segment 5 – Joining LinkedIn Groups

The over 83,000 Recruiters on LinkedIn search targeted LinkedIn Groups for candidates. Joining the right Groups will help you be found.

Part 1

  • The Types of LinkedIn Groups
  • How to Attract Recruiters Through LinkedIn Groups

Part 2

  • How to Join a LinkedIn Group
  • How to Leave a LinkedIn Group
  • Increasing Your Visibility in LinkedIn Groups


How Will This Program Help You Get More Job Interviews?

You go to networking event after network event, but the business cards collect dust on your desk. They’re not helping you get a job.

Or, you’re hiding at home because you’re embarrassed to tell people you’re out of work. So you’re not even building your business network.

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is not maintaining connection with and visibility to their valuable business contacts. is a FREE online business networking tool that helps you remember who those important business contacts are because you can see their pictures and read about their background.


You’re probably already on LinkedIn.
You just don’t know how to use it!!!

This video course will take you step-by-step, screen-by-screen, and even mouse-click- by mouse click, through exactly what you need to do to use LinkedIn to find a job.  And it will also give you effective job search strategies that you’re not using now.

What Buyers Are Say About these Videos:

  “Donna is a great teacher and communicator with a heart of gold. Donna has taken the time to de-mystify LinkednIn. Her courses are packed with results based strategies. As a direct result of just one strategy that Donna teaches, I’ve had the opportunity to enroll two new wonderful clients recently!” – Diana Long, Success Coach & Consultant- Author- Speaker
testimonialSuzanne Before I took this E-Course, I had a regular LinkedIn Profile. It was just a placeholder. It wasn’t attracting new clients, it wasn’t presenting me in the best light. And, I had no idea how take advantage of what LinkedIn had to offer. And it seems like everyone I know is in the same boat. I look at profiles and I can tell people don’t know what to say, how to make themselves stand out in the crowd, or how to reach their potential clients or employers. Now that I’ve implemented Donna Schilder’s “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-Course, I get compliments on my LinkedIn Profile constantly and one of my networking Groups asked me to do a presentation to help them improve their LinkedIn Profiles! I’m going to do it, but I’m also going to recommend Donna’s E-Course. The program helped me double the views of my LinkedIn profile over night. And the “right” kinds of people in the right fields are looking at my Profile! Now business is coming to me!” – Suzanne Muusers, Financial Advisor Coach
  “Donna’s “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn”™ Video E-Course was just what I needed in my job transition. It is professional, informative, thorough, and entertaining and my only wish is that I’d found the program sooner! I’m thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to use the videos to bring my LinkedIn Profile up to speed. It also gave me incredible confidence as I set out on my new journey, I feel well equipped!” – Mary Diamond., Financial Analyst
 testimonialKristine “When I first started creating my LinkedIn Profile it was overwhelming because all of the information you can put on it. Donna’s Video E-Course helped me build my LinkedIn Profile and made the entire process a lot easier. Now I have a great looking Profile and I’m well on my way to finding my first job in my chosen field after completing my Master’s Degree.” – Kristine Arquillano, In Transition


How Can This E-Course Help You?

This course is for Job Seekers who need:

  • A push to get started using LinkedIn
  • A step-by-step process to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile that brings them interviews and job offers
  • Powerful strategies to build their LinkedIn Network
  • Guidance on LinkedIn Etiquette
  • Simple instructions on how to use LinkedIn effectively


You Get Everything You Need – ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Why Video Training?

You can buy a book, or you can see and hear how to use LinkedIn effectively. With this E-Course you will:

  • Watch step-by-step, screen-by-screen demonstrations of how to use LinkedIn (and follow along in a separate window)
  • See examples of great LinkedIn profiles
  • Hear how to build your business relationships and create constant visibility to the improtant people you know
  • Hear about how to meet the “right” people through LinkedIn
  • Listen to LinkedIn Success Stories

What if I Don’t Find the E-Course Helpful?


Gold-Guarantee-iStock_000012860225XSmallIf you’re not completely satisfied with the “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-Course after watching all the videos and using the guides, I’ll return your money! I’m confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you, you’ll gain a noticeably more robust Business Network, a LinkedIn Profile that attracts reviewers, and increased success over the next year and beyond. So if the system isn’t everything you were expecting, and all my tips and resources don’t produce the results you were looking for, just ask me for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. No reason needed. No questions asked!


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